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Page last updated on October 16th, 2005

This theme is feature packed, and meant to take full advantage of WordPress features.

Notice: This theme has not been updated in awhile. I’ve since moved on, to the current theme you see now. The current theme is NOT available for download, sorry. Some information on this page may be outdated. My apologies!

Download: Crimson Milk 1.01 . This is the second ever public release (June 16).

Because I love lists oh so much, here are a bunch of them.


  • Draggable sidebar elements. This allows you to hide and rearrange boxes in the sidebar. What you’ve done is saved in a cookie so that it remembers what you’ve changed. All this courtesy of Brothercake’s brilliant DBX Docking Boxes script.
  • Rounded corners ala 456 Berea Street’s Transparent Rounded corners. A php function rounded_div()allows for easy implementation. It takes arguments for id, class, and orientation. For example, < ?php rounded_div("top", "navbox", "specialid"); ?> would produce rounded div code with class of “navbox” and id of “specialid”
  • Fixed navigation allows you to navigate to the Home page, the top of the page, and the bottom of the page from wherever you are on the site. A invisible fixed link at the bottom left hand corner of the page takes one to the admin page (or the login window if you are not logged in). All fixed navigation is not shown to browsers that can’t handle it….IE/Windows
  • Detects whether you are the owner, and gives you a special red heading on your comments. To edit your settings, go to comments.php in the theme and follow the instructions there.
  • Released under the GPL
  • Uses css text-shadow on the header for Safari (the only browser that supports this valid css rule.
  • Fully XHTML and CSS valid. If you come across a situation where it is invalid, let me know!
  • Uses a heavily modified squidfingers original pattern. You may want to experiment with different background images. A dark background will create a very cool glow effect..
  • The index page displays the first post at full length and the excerpt for the rest. Asides are easy to integrate (see instructions blow).

Browser Support

  • Firefox, Netscape, Camino (the Gecko Family)
  • Safari and *untested* Konqueror
  • Opera
  • Mac Internet Explorer 5
  • Windows Internet Explorer 6 (with concessions for png backgrounds and fixed navigation)

Plugins ready to go

  • Alexander Malov’s Random Witty Text. Cunningly replaces the description of your blog next to the title.
  • Mt. Dew Virus’s Most Commented plugin.
  • My Wordspew Ajax Shoutbox plugin
  • Coldforged’s Spell Checker plugin
  • Alex King’s Popularity Contest. Instructions: in the plugin file, there is a variable at the very top, $ak_show_popularity_with_post = 1;…change that to $ak_show_popularity_with_post = 0;
  • Kafkaesqui’s The Excerpt Reloaded. Strongly recommended!
  • Shawn Grimes’s SRG Clean Archives. For use with the Custom Archives special page. Details below
  • Lester Chan’s WP-Poll Plugin. The original version spews quite a lot of invalid code and tables and all that yucky. I should be giving out a cleaned up version sometime…. Use Democracy!
  • Scott Reily’s Customizable Post Listings. For use with Asides. To make asides work with this theme (as seen on my home page), you should create a new category for posts (under Manage > Categories in your admin panel). Get the ID of that category, and go into index.php of the theme. Change $asides_category = 10; to $asides_category = X; where X is the ID of the category being used for themes. Next, go into index.php of your wordpress root (the main folder) and add a line like this: $cat ="-X"; where X is the category for asides. Make sure to leave in the negative sign. Finally, install this plugin and make posts to your Asides category (asides only, you mustn’t have more than one category).
  • All plugins that run through theme hooks

Well that does it. You may use the comment form below for suggestions and bugs and all, I’d be happy to answer. Also, I love seeing my stuff being used, so if you’d be kind enough to leave a comment telling me where you’ve successfully installed the plugin that would be wonderful. Enjoy!

There've been 77 whole comments

11:05 pm on 6/24/2005 1. Mario

Hi, Andrew,

I like very much your theme and I implemented it in my blog. Can you be more specific on the implementation of the clean archives? I activated the plugin but what is the next step for having my clean archives.

Do you know why I can I can not move the boxes? Thanks.


11:37 pm on 6/24/2005 2. Mario

I resolved the clean archives issue. But still I do not know why I do not get the functionality of the boxes.


11:11 pm on 7/6/2005 3. Zane Anderson

Truly the most feature filled template I’ve encountered. Nice going, Andrew.

9:10 am on 7/9/2005 4. Avinash

Holy crap that is fantastic!

7:13 am on 7/10/2005 5. Sandy

Just a small note to let you know how much I love this theme. I don’t have it completely set up yet but am really delighted with it so far. Great job!

9:05 am on 7/26/2005 6. Nicola

I’ve managed to install the basic theme – but I am having trouble with the sidebars. Do you have a manual for the php challenged? :-)

9:09 am on 7/26/2005 7. Andrew

Hmm, can’t say that I do. What specifically is the problem?

10:59 pm on 7/26/2005 8. Nicola

Thanks for the quick reply andrew.

It is not that I have any specific problem, I just have a general lack of knowledge of php so figuring out what to tweak is difficult for me.

A few thigns that are bothering me – how do I get the random witty text plugin to work with the template? Indeed how do I get any plugin to work with the template :-)

How do I customise the sidebars? – stuff like that.



5:39 am on 7/27/2005 9. noahd

hey, thanks for the shoutbox – any hints on putting it in a dropdown like yours?

6:23 pm on 7/27/2005 10. Sherry

I *love* this theme – excellent job! I hate blogs that look like something you would find on the Department of Licensing website. LOL This on the other hand is creative, beautiful, and extremely well laid out and organized!

8:14 am on 7/29/2005 11. Corey

I’m pretty new to WordPress and I have to say your theme rocks!! One question though. After I installed the theme my links dont show up in the “leaving?” box. Also, does your shoutbox work with other themes?

10:04 am on 8/1/2005 12. webmacster87

Nice theme, I love it. I also installed your shoutbox plugin, and was wondering if you could share the hex colors that you use in setting up the shoutbox so I can make it look a bit more integrated to the theme.

10:07 am on 8/1/2005 13. webmacster87

Also Corey, it appears to me that the Leaving? box only shows links from the first category; it doesn’t support multiple categories.

11:24 am on 8/1/2005 14. Andrew

Here are my colors:

Fade From: FFFFFF
Fade To: 820000
Name Color: FFCC77

I talked with Corey on instant messaenger and we figured out the problem. The theme does indeed only display links from category one. The WP Codex has instructions for displaying links

3:40 pm on 8/4/2005 15. simosx

If only the theme was localisable. :)

8:29 am on 8/25/2005 16. Sadish

Can you tell me how do you separate the trackbacks from the comments ?

is it included in the theme also ?

3:14 am on 8/30/2005 17. Aneesah

It’s a lovely theme, but I was wondering about that modified WP-Poll Plugin. [sheepish grin] I just hate the tables…

5:00 pm on 8/30/2005 18. blckleprd

Nice theme. But I want this new white shiny one. It’s white and shiny. And shiny…

and white.

12:45 pm on 9/8/2005 19. Joe Fletcher

I hate to ask a newbie question, but how do I increase the width of the title box? My Title won’t fit!

11:34 pm on 9/8/2005 20. Andrew

The title box is fixed width, sorry. Try bumping down the text size (although it looks like you’ve already figured that one out) :)

1:49 am on 9/10/2005 21. Mentor

Just wanted to say “thank you” for this.
I hope you continue developing themes.

Keep up!

6:23 am on 9/18/2005 22. Chad

Excellent! I am using it as my default theme. Choice of plugins is wonderful. Thanks Andrew!

11:20 am on 10/8/2005 23. Henric

The reason the DBX part won’t work is that the dbx-eventskey.js has been messed up. All the lines are on one single line. And the first thing on that line is a comment.

I copied the working DBX file from

1:48 am on 10/11/2005 24. mattdannatt

very cool theme. hope you don’t mind me raiding it for my next site.

2:33 pm on 10/14/2005 25. Cameron

I like the theme. But based on the comments (php, manuals, etc.), I fear it’s not a plug-and-play for those of us who aren’t technical. Is that accurate?

My technical knowledge is limited to FrontPage — I’m a coach and writer, not a techie.


12:25 am on 10/16/2005 26. John

Andrew, thank you so much for this refreshingly innovative theme! I just can’t tell you how proud I am to use it on my site…it really sets it apart from more vanilla-ish blogs. Just one question, though. I’m interested in making my site a 3 column layout, with left & right sidebars. I see that it’s possible by looking at Mentor’s site, but I can’t seem to make 3 columns work (I know 3/10′s of ****-all about PHP, HTML, CSS, etc) Any suggestions? Again, thank you for your wonderful work.

4:32 pm on 10/16/2005 27. Imokon


The most thought out theme I’ve seen yet. I usually use Opera, but when I opened it in IE for testing, I have to tell you that I had to scroll a long way before I could see the navigation menu. Otherwise I’m very pleased with it, thanks!

3:35 pm on 11/3/2005 28. Elliott

Just wanted you to know I’ve used your template on a new version of my site… it’s pretty heavily hacked up, but it’s pretty much all there…

Couldn’t have done it without ch’ya!


1:29 am on 11/8/2005 29. Aman

how can i have a header like yours?

2:55 am on 11/9/2005 30. Aman

How can i show the images on front page….?

6:50 pm on 12/6/2005 31. David

Thanks for such a beautiful theme! It fits the topic of my site perfectly. Thanks once again!

9:50 am on 12/7/2005 32. David

I have noticed, though, that when the display window is smaller than about 800 pixels wide, the content seems to disappear, and goes past the bottom of the sidebar. I was emailed by somebody using the favourites sidebar in IE who let me know that was happening. Is there any way of correcting that, or at least, perhaps, mitigating its effect by reducing the border size? I’m happy to edit the template files, but I’m no expert when it comes to CSS and Javascript. Thanks, David

PS I seem to have sorted it out by making the following change to the style sheet:

#wrap {
/* width: 80%; */
width: 800px;
margin: auto;
max-width: 1200px;

The width is fixed, now, but at least it works.

11:21 am on 12/7/2005 33. Jesse

I really love this theme, but I just can’t get the draggable sidebars working. Does anyone know what needs to be done to get them up and going?

11:25 pm on 12/13/2005 34. CellphoneSavant

This is a nice site. Does it come in 3 column layout?

11:50 pm on 12/20/2005 35. mattdannatt

hi andrew
two things:
what is the easiest way to replace the rounded corners with straight ones?
how easy would i be to replicate the right sidebar boxes on the left, making it a three column theme?

1:27 pm on 1/9/2006 36. Srinath

nice do u have 3coloum ?

10:36 pm on 1/16/2006 37. alto

thankyou for all your work so freely offered.

i have downloaded crimson a few times and each time, a message comes up saying there was an error in the download.

i am experienced with wordpress themes and downloading and it seems there might be a problem in the download YOUR end?

i have uploaded all files and folders, keeping the same directory structure.

“CrimsonMilk” – 17 files and 2 folders – “_MACOSX” & “CrimsonMilk”

“_MACOSX” – 1 folder “CrimsonMilk” containing 1 file.

“CrimsonMilk” – 2 folders -”dbx” & “i”
“dbx” – 4 files
“i” – 13 files

QUES can you take a look at the site
is it what it is meant to look like?


10:55 pm on 1/16/2006 38. alto


i have searched extensively.
are there any instructions for CrimsonMilk?


11:47 pm on 1/16/2006 39. alto

hi all:
the plugins mentioned above – are they meant to appear in my plugins, ready to be activated?

is there an idiots guide to CrimsonMilk?

does my site look as it is meant to look – with no shoutbox present?


9:25 am on 1/28/2006 40. TBM

Andrew…Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make the most current version of Crimson Milk available. I simply love it!

5:53 am on 3/16/2006 41. wper

Nice theme! I’ll install it.

7:26 am on 4/30/2006 42. Casas Rurales. Alquiler Casas

Un theme muy interesante!

4:43 pm on 8/26/2006 43. Mareus

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5:26 pm on 8/28/2006 44. Andrew

Hey Scott,

Open up the style.css file in wp-content/themes/crimson-milk-101/ and look for the following entry (it’s about half way down)

#header #title a {
color: #f1e5d9;
text-shadow: 4px 4px 6px #222;
font: italic 1.7em georgia, times, serif;

Then, change the ’1.7em’ part to something smaller, say ’1.3em’ … Hope that helps!

9:12 pm on 9/24/2006 45. mvarghese

Hi Andrew,

I am using IE 7 to test browser compatability and it appears that IE 7 does not play well with this theme. I can send you a screenshot if that will help. I am assuming you do not have IE 7 RC1 installed.


6:25 pm on 10/11/2006 46. thomas

how do i disable the excerpt feature?

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8:21 am on 11/12/2006 50. Kjetil

Hi Andrew! Just wanted to say thanks for a great theme. A masterpiece.

However, as Mathew has pointed out, there is a problem with the theme in IE7. Do you or anyone else know how to make it appear as it should in IE7? Help is much appreciated. Thanks again!

9:39 pm on 11/12/2006 51. Joe Fletcher

Hey Andrew, Matthew, Kjetil and I are in the same boat. I just discovered IE7 totally breaks this beautiful theme. I’ve been using it for a year… any idea how to fix this? Otherwise I’ll have to switch themes ASAP, and I don’t want to do that.

I can send a screen shot, too, if you’d like.

10:12 am on 11/14/2006 52. Kjetil

Joe: I’ve asked for help through my blog about IE7, and some very helpful readers solved the problem.

In the Crimson theme folder in WordPress go the the PHP-file called “header”. Open it with wordpad and scroll down to where it says “if IE” and change it to “if lt IE 7″.

I hope that helps!

11:17 am on 11/30/2006 53. mughes

Help! My vivacious Crimson Milk site is broken on IE 7. I did the fix from comment #53, but still broken. what will a girl do? :o(

10:17 am on 12/31/2006 54. Wayne

This theme runs excellent in ff but in ie7 I intermittently see the items located on the right bar..anyone have any suggestions?

9:17 am on 1/10/2007 55. Douglas

IE7 works for my site with the fix outlined in post #53. Why not update it in WordPress themes? I really wasted a lot of time and I’m sure most new users would just chuck it. Not good PR…

7:37 am on 2/10/2007 56. rutas

Cool theme! Thank u!

10:07 am on 2/25/2007 57. Tami

I use WordPress via Yahoo Small Business. I have no idea how to create or themes, so I searched tirelessly through WordPress’s extensive selection. I came across about 10 themes which I liked, downloaded, and tried. All of them failed me somehow. Then I tried this one (Crimson Milk), and OMG…it’s perfect. All of the items actually show up when I publish them. I don’t have to do a lot of editing to make my stuff fit. This is the perfect theme, perfectly executed.

Thanks so much.

3:22 am on 3/9/2007 58. Chris

I designed a site using this theme, (www.homesalesolutions) I get the look I want using Firefox 2.x on the OSX platform and XP. Now when I use IE 7 it’s has problems. Everything seems all folded and not in correct position. Are any of other IE browsers having the same problem? As most browsers will soon be IE 7.0 how can I fix this?

4:11 am on 3/9/2007 59. Chris

Used the solution in #53. I was thinking the section was commented out. After a bit of research I found out it wasnt. That section should read:

/ie.css” />

I did notice that some of the bottoms, though they have a round border, have the square bottoms extending outside. I can live with that though.

Thanks for a great theme.

4:14 am on 3/9/2007 60. Chris


4:50 am on 4/12/2007 61. Joe Fletcher

A very belated thank you to Kjetil in #53… it worked!

1:07 pm on 7/6/2007 62. mamat

have seen your nice plugins dear…
thanx anyway…


12:32 am on 7/9/2007 63. Panos


8:24 am on 7/9/2007 64. Christodoulos


9:48 am on 7/9/2007 65. Bikos


7:38 pm on 7/9/2007 66. Dionysios


12:44 pm on 7/10/2007 67. Nikolaos

Sorry :(

11:10 am on 7/23/2007 68. Turismo Cadiz

Great Theme!
Thank you very much for this theme.

8:46 pm on 9/14/2007 69. Turismo Malaga

Thanks for this wonderfull theme!

7:16 pm on 1/12/2008 70. güzel sözler

very cool theme. hope you don’t mind me raiding it for my next site.

10:07 pm on 1/28/2008 71. seks hikayeleri

i like this..

11:34 am on 4/5/2008 72. mırc

thnx a lot.

7:41 am on 5/3/2008 73. Ömer YÜCE

Plase demo link

3:50 am on 6/7/2008 74. Nancy

One word I will say AWESOME :)

6:12 am on 6/21/2008 75. Testin


5:11 am on 6/30/2008 76. jewellery

Do enjoy your current theme – you’ve really used a wonderful striking red colour for the banner and footer. Really nice way of using a pretty normal font as well – giving it a very informative, readable look. Nice and simple, just the white and the red. Very nice indeed! Pity that we can’t get your current theme, but no hard feelings to you for that! :)

2:16 am on 10/24/2008 77. dolce vita

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