What Could Come In Congress

By | December 29th, 2004 | 1 Comment | Political

Hi everyone. I assume that most people that read this site are democrats and therefore are upset about the recent election. While I don’t mean to get anyone’s hopes up, I have a bit of good news. On January 6th, both houses of congress convene to certify the electoral college vote. If one senator and one representative challenge the results of the recent election, then the houses must split apart and convene in their separate buildings. (The senator and the representative have been arranged already although it is very probable that more than one senator and one representative will challenge the vote.) For a maximum of two hours people talk for a maximum of five minutes each about the election. Since the republicans control both the house and the senate nothing amazing can realistically come from these discussions but it will attract a large amount of media attention which in the long run may be very bad for the republicans and very good for us. So look for this on the news.

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And some of us are from another continent :p