Up Yours, Leaf-Blowers!

By | January 17th, 2005 | 5 Comments | Rant

Why would you want to blow leaves away in the first place?

Title idea from brilliant post at Offtone.com

While walking from my mom’s house to my dad’s, I happened upon a man blowing leaves with his leafblower. And I was thinking “That is the dumbest shit ever.” It’s this huge, polluting, noisy ass son a gun that BLOWS LEAVES. I mean, couldn’t we come up with better applications for our technology. It was polluting gas all over the place, and I could still hear it when I was 3 blocks away. Whatever happened to brooms?!? Too much work, I guess. I mean with a broom, you actually have to move your arms and apply pressure to the sweeping motion. But no, us lazy ass americans gotta eliminate all effort and exersize from our daily activities. Why would you want to blow leaves away in the first place? To make your front yard spotless? Fuck that. If you can’t handle the leaves, cut down the effin tree. Where in society’s unwritten laws is it stated that front lawns must be devoid of leaves? pfff. When I get my own house, there’s going to be some intense sweeping action. Maybe I can’t stand leaves in my front yard either, but at least i don’t use a fuckin’ LEAF BLOWER. Word.


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9:08 pm on 1/17/2005 1. Jackie

he he…word
Thank you Andrew for expressing the exact feeling on the subject for all the rest of us!

8:01 pm on 1/18/2005 2. Kenley

hem hem. i happen to have a leaf blower which im quite fond of :p

7:52 pm on 1/26/2005 3. Andrew

I agree that a lot of Americans are pretty damn lazy, but there’s also the fact that rotting leaves are not good for your lawn.

4:44 pm on 5/24/2007 4. Otis

Leaf-blowers are a goddamn fucking disgrace. Here in Australia they seem to be used mostly by hired garden guys who are paid to spend x amount of time doing the gardens at a unit (“apartment”) complex. They just need to fill up the time so they wander around the driveway revving the shit of this fucking thing, even when there are NO FUCKING LEAVES!!

3:29 pm on 10/12/2008 5. Mark

I have the same problem as Otis – and I’m in london. I’ve seen these shirtless pricks blowing the leaves from one side of the drive to the other and back again. Aside from the sheer volume of the noise, it’s the fact that it’s so random that prevents one from being able to block it out. What is wrong with a broom?