“R.I.P. my iPod”, or “How I learned to stop suffering and use my Discman.”

By | February 21st, 2006 | 13 Comments | General

After a 2 year life filled with entertainment and an undisclosed number of pirated songs, my dear 4th generation iPod suddenly and inexplicably died. It’s last few months were good, and despite it’s new incarnations (i.e. iPod Video, ipod Photo, etc.) it remained functional and entertaining the whole time. So I’ll have to drop 300 bones on a new one quite soon. Here’s the scary part.

It was painful. Oh so painful. Perhaps I’ve developed a soft spot for the thing, but I was rather upset not only by it beaing broken, but by my reaction. The damn thing was like a 3rd arm. A music playing, backlit 3rd am. This has made me realize how dependant we’ve become on our gadgets. Be it cellphones, iPods, or otherwise.

I wondered what it would be like not having a cell phone for a day. Given the way I’ve adjusted my life since getting one, it would be tough not to have one. The average day I figured between getting to and from school, coordinating with friends and classmates, I make about 7 calls a day. Althought the calls arent generally over 3 minutes, were I using a payphone, that would still be $3.50 a day to communicate outside the home. Damn.

What was it like for people hundreds of years ago? No phones, no music besides what they could sing? Sure, they didn’t mind, but then again, they would probably consider an iPod an evil box of the Devil. But by our standards, it would suck to be them.
So as I sit here, taking a break from painting my deck (which my dear mother has promised me a sizeable amout of cash to do), I’m using the zenith of caveman technology; the Sony Discman. Although different, it satisifies my continous disillusionment fix. Quite frankly, I probably don’t need a new iPod, but I’ll end up doing it anyway.


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2:19 pm on 2/24/2006 1. saraH

To iPod or not to iPod? That’s the question I’ve been struggling with for years now. I just can’t imagine when I’d use it, and you consider it a 3rd arm. Maybe that’s because I can remember life 100 years ago – without a cell phone…

1:53 pm on 2/25/2006 2. nik

That was *sniff* the saddest story I’ve ever read! When’s the funeral?

9:44 pm on 2/26/2006 3. AND??

OH BOO BLOODY HOO, brings a tear to my eye that you worry about a $300 device, while you don’t give a passing intrest to children starving in Africa, or the enviroment the USA and the civilized world continues to desecrate.

11:08 am on 2/27/2006 4. zander

Hey man. Are you over in Africa now? Is this guy not allowed to talk about his ipod breaking? Stop trying to be the all rightous, because you don’t do anything but piss people off. What the hell are you even doing on a computer, according to your ideas you should spend all your money on Africa.

I do care about kids in Africa. But preaching and bitching to other people is not the way to raise awareness.

8:58 am on 3/6/2006 5. Adriana

Hahahahaha it must be hard. Consider yourself lucky; I am JUST getting my first one. Hmmzzz, what…about 3 years too late? Now I have to ask and I am sorry to do this in a comment, but there a rumors of all your music getting erased if you dare plug your ipod into a computer other than the one you initialy used to put music into it…is that true? Cause if it is I am extremely pissed that I will be unable to steal music from my friends.

11:14 pm on 4/15/2006 6. Don

I held off from buying an iPod until they came out with the iPod video. It was worth the wait. And yes, it has become a third arm. I couldn’t leave home without it. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine. These days, whenever I can’t find my iPod, I go nuts as far as allowing myself to be late to work just looking for it. I just realize now how addicted I have become to it! LOL.

11:22 am on 9/24/2006 7. StyleLotußien

yeah so good.
it a good job man ;)

12:05 pm on 1/30/2007 8. Jop

O MY GOD…. I realy hate Americans, they always think they have the answer for everything and think your the most powerfull continent of the world…. I think it’s said that you think that way because the only thing that’s good of America is…. pretty danm nothing!!!

12:08 pm on 1/30/2007 9. Jop

Ow no i’m sorry there is something good abou America, Apple

12:18 pm on 2/5/2007 10. lizardbits

I hate people who hate America, you think all Americans are the same… so you should me nuked just like those dirty Japs!!!

ps go america!!!

IPods ROCK!!!

12:19 pm on 2/5/2007 11. lizardbits

ya the m in me is supposed to be a B k

5:08 pm on 8/6/2007 12. chris

I use devicetheft.com lost my ipod once and got it back. its a great service for $20 a year…