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But we bumbled in style, of course, with our shiny dress shoes and shades. We are the future!

Well this may seem a little late and out of context, but I’m writing this none the less. I’d like to write about my trip to the National Young Leaders State Conference (NYLSC). I know Nella (I’ll call him “Ian”) will have something to say, because we went together. This should be a fair and honest review/story of the NYLSC program from someone who went as a 9th grader (Just an FYI to all you NYLSC googlers). Here goes nothing:

Ian and I Arriving early to catch our AMTRAK train to Sacramento, Ian and I were hyped. We had just gotten up way too early, thrown on our *casual business* attire and met up for the 3 (ish) hour trip to Sacramento. Boarding the train with our briefcases and sunglasses, we felt so suave. I mean, we were missing school for this!

Well it wasn’t long before we found another guy who was headed to NYLSC. So the three of us grabbed a table, stowed our briefcases and got comfy. It was a long, somewhat boring ride. But the magic of being away from school and being trusted to make it to Sacramento without our parents was … exhilarating. When we arrived in Sacramento, we kind of just bumbled around the city until we found the metro. But we bumbled in style, of course, with our shiny dress shoes and shades. We are the future! was the attitude we rode in with. The metro was nice and clean, and we were sitting happily at our seats when we realized we didn’t have tickets. Someone on the train overheard us, and told us to chill, because we were almost there and the ticket-checkers probably wouldn’t show up. Well, they did, but they didn’t make it to us, so we avoided the no-ticket fine. Heh. Our next project was to make it to the actual hotel where this whole NYLSC thing was about to go down. We called up the hotel and they sent us a minivan to pick us up. Score!

The scene at the hotel was pretty bopping. There were a couple hundred other teens, all looking pretty much exactly the same as we did. Ahh, we’ve come to right place, I thought. There were still a lot of parents hovering over their kids, fixing their ties and tucking in their shirts, and looking nervously at the other kids. Everyone was in some sort of line, and we figured out it was for being assigned group numbers and given work booklets and *pens*. Yea, that’s right, we spent ~$1200 and we got *pens*. Shweet. Ian and I had been assigned to different groups and different roommates (which was good, I can only take so much of that guy ;) ). Next we were told to head up to our assigned room numbers and just chill. When I got there, some kids had already found their way there, and were happily introducing themselves to eachother. Almost too happily, you might say. We must have played the name game 40 times or so.

After waiting around in our tiny room for about half an hour, our instructor Tommy showed up. And he had us play the name game once more. Heh. Well now that everyone’s names were etched into my brain, we were ready to get started. For starters, Tommy just kind of told us what we were going to be doing (learning leadership stuff) and the rules (don’t do anything stupid), so that lasted for quite a while. We started with some basics, respecting other people’s opinions and not being bossy. He wanted to get us started as nice leaders before we actually starting…err…leading. I don’t really remember what all we did after that.

Then it was dinner time. Everyone filed out of our little room and headed downstairs, where a giant opening banquet was in store. The food was excellent the entire trip (even for a picky eater like me). My only qualms were that occasionally I would have liked a bigger portion. Ian seemed to feel that way a lot. This was also our first chance to socialize with the other kids; they all seemed to be from similar backgrounds as Ian and I. One thing I liked was all the diversity. There were people from every little nook and cranny of California, big cities and small cities alike. When I signed up for NYLSC, I was worried that it would just be a bunch of upper-middle class white kids talking politics. But it was so much better. There were plenty of people of other ethnicities, and kids who claimed loyalty to all sorts of political parties. *Sigh of Relief* A lot of the kids had big egos, used to being dominant (leaders) at their own schools. But now, everyone was like that, so the atmosphere was a little odd, with so many strong-headed chaps in one room.

Once our last bite of dessert was finished, we were excused to our rooms, and told to get plenty of rest for the huge day tomorrow. Looking at the schedule, I decided the counselours were right, and that I should get as much sleep as possible. They had about 20 things they had selected for us to learn! My roommate was great, and yes, we had our own beds. *Set alarm clock* *Go to sleep*

**BBBZZZ** Time for school! Wait no, I don’t have school today. Haha those suckers, back at home who have to learn stuff…Err nevermind, I’m probably learning more here anyways. Got dressed, took a shower, went for breakfast, etc. That day, we learned so much. Our group leader Tommy got us going with a couple focus and teamwork games, which were a blast, then set in for some discussions about what a great leader is and how to be one and all that fun stuff. There was actually a ton of great information. Problem solving and team work were focused on a lot.

We pretty much worked hard for the next two days without much stopping. We finally got tired of working in our cramped hotel room and decided to go outside and work from there. We were told to formulate a plan to cross the freeway by the side of the hotel. Not that we were actually going to do it, but just to see if we could come up with a feasible plot that we could all agree on. That was good.

One thing worth mentioning were the dances the last two nights. They ruled. They were pretty much the perfect way to blow off steam, and a lot of the kids were really into it (even those that I could tell would never be into it at their own school dances). Ian and I were pretty much kings of the dancefloor, and he started break dancing and all. After that, we thought we were the hottest shit in the world.

After all that bonding, I’ll bet you can guess what happened. Crushes? Secrets? Heh, yup. Some people stayed up quite late talking on the hotel phones, not really saying much, just sort of gossiping and all that. Then one of the girls called us and told us to turn to channel 4 on our TVs. Hehe, topless chicks riding horses. Hehe. Considering it was like 2 AM and we had cable TV, it was bound to be noticed by someone. Not something the NYLSC people could predict, or I’m sure they would have been all over blocking that channel. Heh.My Group at NYLSC

By the end, everyone was glued to eachother. Literally. My group was so in love with Tommy that everyone pitched in to buy him a teddy bear. People were getting eachothers’ screen names and emails, giving millions of hugs, and some were super into the “we are family” kind of thing. I wasn’t wild about everyone in my group, so I wasn’t like “Omigosh I’m gonna miss you sooooo much you have to email me and stay in touch forever. I feel like you’re my brother. Omigosh.” There were some cool people though, some people I’d like to stay in touch with (more than half a year later, I haven’t really done that). Well that about sums it up. Here’ s a quick recap:

Was it worth $1200? Certainly.
Would you do it again? Nah, probably not.
Did you actually learn leadership skills? I think so. There are some things I still apply today that I learned from it, which is good. We got a lot of excellent information, which I didn’t exactly go into detail with in my ramblings above. Ya, good stuff.
Democrat or Republican? … Democrat.

Well there it is. All my thoughts on NYLSC. I wrote this up in a flurry so there may be some typos and wacky sentences, but suck it up! If you’ve landed on this page and are considering going to to NYLSC..I’d say go for it. You’ll enjoy it. Feel free to post a comment or question (below) and I’ll be happy to answer it. Also, if any of you people from the organization want to say anything, go ahead. Peace.


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7:46 am on 6/18/2005 1. Jackie

You forgot to tell about the bouncing pens!

2:56 pm on 7/21/2005 2. Caitlyn

I am thinking about going to NYLSC this spring. Your review has helped me a lot. I have one question though. Did you do anything in particular to raise the $1200? If you could answer my question it would be greatly appreciated.

3:03 pm on 7/21/2005 3. Andrew


I split the cost with my parents, about $450 of my money and the rest of it was theirs. The scholarship options from NYLSC just seemed like A LOT of work. There’s no way two ways about it, NYLSC is expensive. The $450 I gave was money I had earned at my job as a web designer, and some allowance.

If you go, I hope you enjoy it :) .. After it’s over, perhaps you could write up your own review here? Cheers!

5:13 pm on 7/23/2005 4. Caitlyn

Thank You! :)

12:51 pm on 8/5/2005 5. Lauren

I am thinking about going to NYLSC in September and I was wondering is it scary the first couple of days? Also, was there any cool guest speakers?

2:20 pm on 8/5/2005 6. Andrew


It wasn’t scary at all. Everyone is…just like you! It’s very comfortable.

There weren’t any cool guest speakers. They had some great speakers, but no one famous.

10:54 am on 9/12/2005 7. Tommy


Great review! Very impressive, even a little enlightening.

My continued best wishes,

P.S. – The stuffed animal is actually an otter; it still rocks.

1:44 pm on 9/21/2005 8. cassandra

I went to NYLSC this past weekend…lots of fun and I loved the pens! lol…I met a lot of new people and hopefully I will keep in touch with a lot of them, because our group really bonded. I hated the hotel food, so for me that was the worst part. I did get to be in the talent show! :wink:

6:40 pm on 10/20/2005 9. Tuhin

Dude Andrew!

You pretty much summed it up! haha yeah talk about keeping in touch…

12:58 pm on 12/17/2005 10. Jenny

Hey i’m supposed 2 go 2 nylsc this feb., but it’s the same weekend as twirp. Would you say it is worth going to or should i go to twirp instead? Your post really helped me get a better understanding of what will happen when i get there. Thanks!

ps: what type of ppl go…are they all really smart? lol

4:57 pm on 12/17/2005 11. Andrew

Yeah, everyone’s smart. You can have intellectual conversations without looking snobby.

I have no idea what Twirp is. I can’t say which would be more worth it..

6:18 pm on 12/17/2005 12. Jenny

sorry I should have explained what twirp was before…it is a dance like homecoming, so it is a pretty big deal (at least for the girls) :)

11:30 pm on 12/28/2005 13. Mitchell

I’m going in February to Sacramento. Yeah, I’d say you’d better go to NYLSC.

1:45 pm on 1/16/2006 14. Colleen

Andrew this was great. Im going to NYLSC this week in New York and Im so excited. What was the talent show like? And was it alot of hard work?

11:56 am on 3/5/2006 15. Jonnah

I really liked my Conference in Nashville. It must have taken you a while to write that whole thing. My mom thinks I should, but I am too lazy.

5:06 pm on 3/8/2006 16. Frank Miller

I’m going to the NYLSC in Harrisburg, PA in early April. I also went to the JrNYLC in D.C. during the election week (ahem–4 more years!!! yay!!! lol). It was a lot of fun and a lot of “political” tension was there. lol. Yes I am a Republican, and I am proud of it. Can’t wait till April!!!

1:01 pm on 4/2/2006 17. Carly

Hey!! I just got back from NYLSC in Lansing Michigan today. I thought that it was awsome and if given the chance i would love to go again. I made great friends and learned a lot! best wishes


11:20 am on 6/17/2006 18. Lisa

I’m going to NYLSC this fall in Illinois. Do you have to know a lot of politics and stuff like that to fit in? Your writings about your experience helped me a lot-thanks!

11:56 am on 7/4/2006 19. Mariana

I am going to NYLSC this fall and have been to Jr.NYLC. I am wondering if anyone knows if you get to be as good of friends with people you meet at 4-day NYLSC as at 10-day Jr.NYLC. Just curious, and to anyone who is considering going to a CYLC program (especially Jr.NYLC) DO IT!!! After all, “now is the time, begin it now”. (anyone who has been to Jr.NYLC knows what I’m talking about, hahaha)

8:38 am on 7/13/2006 20. Susie

I have no idea if I should go or not!!! My Parents say it’s too expensive what do you think? Also is anyone here going to the Oklahoma one?

11:55 am on 8/12/2006 21. Jasmine

This is soo cool. Thank you for sharing…IT MADE ME LAUGH A LOT! hehe. I’m deffinetly going…did you guys have a talent show…or were they all dances?


5:29 am on 9/30/2006 22. Chelsea

I SUCK at dancing. Are the dances a big emphasis? Are there a lot of other people who don’t dance? Also, I don’t really get the whole talent show thing. Can you give me some more info?

10:51 am on 12/2/2006 23. Lily

hey! i might to to the one in boston and i was wondering if u have to be super outgoing to fit in…cuz im def. not until I know people well!

and what kind of activities did you guys do to learn all those skills? =)

1:36 pm on 12/2/2006 24. Erin

ya, i am concidering it, but is every1 all superleaders, or is every2 just smart?
and is it really worth all of the money, any1 (else) going 2 boston?-lilly, r u going

1:27 pm on 12/3/2006 25. Jackie

Hey guys,
Well I don’t know if you guys already all know each other but I just found this website googling NYLSC. Well, I got a letter in the mail inviting me to this so I was just looking for some info on it. I’m probably going, it’s the one in Boston. Which one do you think it better to go to the one in Jan. or in March? Oh and lily don’t worry I’m not outgoing either lol

4:13 pm on 12/3/2006 26. Susan

I don’t know anyone here, and I found this site googling too. I’m gonna try and go for the one in January, and this site helped so much. My mom thought it was a scam when the letter came in the mail. I’m not really a dancing type–do we have to? I’m going to the one in Texas, hopefully Dallas.

4:42 pm on 12/3/2006 27. Jackie

lol me too! my mom thought it was a scam. Stinks how nowadays theres so much bad things going on, you have to question everything. anyone else going to the one in boston in january or march?

4:44 pm on 12/3/2006 28. Jackie

erin, i’m definatly going to the one in boston just dont know which date yet.

7:37 pm on 12/3/2006 29. deepika

i was just wondering… is everyone at the nylsc like supersmart? is it hard to fit in? is anyone going to the san jose one in january?

1:01 pm on 12/4/2006 30. Nolan

Do u just stay around the hotel the whol time or do they bring u i nto a classromm like place away from the Hotel?

4:06 pm on 12/4/2006 31. deepika

i think u just stay around da hotel…not sure though

4:51 pm on 12/4/2006 32. Ashley

So it’s not a scam?!
I’ve already gotten two scam letters this year and I’m already miffed. If I can get the money I think I wanna go… but I need to be completely sure it’s not a scam before i even mention it to my mom…

2:55 pm on 12/5/2006 33. Erin

ya, my mom was also all “but r they ligitimate?”
this totally helped 4 me, but im not sure if she is convinced/if i can go

2:04 pm on 12/7/2006 34. Lily

thats exacly what my parents though! and i think my mom actually thru the papers out =(
but if she didnt, i might go to the one in boston…idk what month yet. but the thing is, i want to go to PCC this summer too so i dont think my parents r gunna let me do both, becuase of the money thing.

and i totally think it would b weird for shy ppl like me and jackie lol cuz from the story it seems like everyone is like super persuasive and stuff like that… *ponders*

8:19 pm on 12/11/2006 35. Kaylie

Hey everyone,
I just got the invitation to the one in Boston, but my parents think that its a scam, but i still might go if i can raise the money. How many people are nominated from like each school, or state??? Thanks:)

4:18 am on 12/16/2006 36. Jackie

Hey, to answer you kaylie idk how many from your school but in my school since its only freshmen that get then there was like 20 people who got it.

2:08 pm on 12/17/2006 37. Kaylie

Thanks Jackie:)

6:30 pm on 12/23/2006 38. gente

Excellent browsing have the to

9:33 am on 12/29/2006 39. Erica

Hi! I’m going to the conf. in boston in january, what kind of clothes do you wear to the dance and talent show and what do you wear during the day jeans????

11:59 am on 1/8/2007 40. Krissy

i am going to the conference in a couple days and to be honest, i am so scared. i mean this helped me alot, but idk, are these kids like really smart? because im not. and i really dont like to do speeches and stuff like that and i hear you have to.

oh by the way… is anyone going to albany this thursday?

5:31 am on 1/9/2007 41. Katherine

I went to a confrence in Indianapolis, IN and was one of the best things i have ever done in my life! I was nervous about going and not knowing anyoune but the faculty advisers made our group a family! I encourge others t oexperience it!!!!

3:40 pm on 1/10/2007 42. Amber from the great OHIO (even tho we lost the game)

i leave fo nylsc tommorow and i am like really nervous cuz i am like not even tht smart and NO ONE I KNOW IS GOING…i dont want to get in there and be all scared but I have a really loud personality so…


7:25 pm on 1/13/2007 43. Kaitlyn

Is any body else going to the confrence in westchester? I was also wondering whether all the nylscs have dances, and if they do…are they the dress up type or can you just wear jeans?thanx:-)

8:40 pm on 3/12/2007 44. Susan

That was rude

2:55 pm on 3/21/2007 45. sam mo

im going tommorrow.. i not looking forward to groups… i wanna hang with every1

7:04 am on 3/22/2007 46. alex

today’s the day i’m going to the houston NYLSC, just got done reading this again….guess i’m just nervous, iono why i’m really writing this, just wanted to tell everyone…i’m leavin in like 15 minutes, WISH ME LUCK PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB, and if anyone is going to the NYLSC in houston,TX (i’m this short asain probably lookin lost and retarded) HOLLER

3:42 pm on 3/30/2007 47. Maxie

everyone here do yourself a favor and relax. i went to NylSC a few months ago and alot of the people their are nervous just like you prbaly are (BUT U SHOULDNT BE). But believe me try to pass the inital awkwardness quickly because it makes it alot better. think about it you only go for like 3 0r 4 days, use ur time wisley cuz their definetly isnt enough of it! ur probaly gonna love these people….take it from me dont waste the first day bein all shy cuz u dont no any1 it wastes way 2 much time. Good Luck!

~”I have a theory… Chucknaurs is the man!!!”

4:43 pm on 4/13/2007 48. mika

can 8th graders go there too?


4:45 pm on 4/13/2007 49. mika

how much you gotta pay for it?

12:43 pm on 5/7/2007 50. Maxie

yes eighth graders and ninth grader can go. i think it costs like $1500 to go. Its worth the money, but I probaly woundnt go again if it was still that much.

4:39 pm on 5/23/2007 51. Kate's Mom

Okay, help me out someone. My daughter received an invitation today. Considering how much $$$ it costs…I’m trying to find out just how prestigious this is. Does anyone have any idea how many kids are typically nominated from each school? Also…any idea on what exactly qualified her for this nomination? Was it just grades or other accomplishments? Thanks!!!

5:30 am on 5/30/2007 52. Anonymous


5:43 am on 5/30/2007 53. Anonymous


4:12 pm on 5/30/2007 54. jules

r there only white people there or are there blacks and mexicans as well

4:13 am on 6/1/2007 55. Anonymous


12:58 pm on 6/1/2007 56. Anonymous


6:43 pm on 6/7/2007 57. Jerome

XD… planning to go in October to the one in Irvine (orange county.)

Hopefully, Its as fun as you described!

Cant wait to meet new peeps! He he…

Oh, an btw…I found this while googling to…

LOL! I dont think I’d be able to live w/o Google!

Anyways thanks for your review!

OH, and if anyone else is going to the conference in orange county, drop me an email… I’d love to have a friend there before…lol

Email: Jeromesantos@sbcglobal.net


2:35 pm on 6/8/2007 58. Melyssa

well i found this by googling too…lol and my parents totally think its a scam. i really wanna go and im thinkin about goin to the one in october in Denver, CO (thats probly a first) =)…i just wanted to kno if the people there are cocky cuz ppl like that bug me…but anyways i also wanted to kno if anyone has any suggestions on how to get my parents to let me go???
well ley me kno…thnx

2:24 pm on 6/10/2007 59. Sarah from indy

I plan on going to the NYLSC in Indianapolis in Jan. this site has helped calm me down cuz i was worried bout how my roommate might be. now i realize that there’s a lot of nervous kids. i was wandering if there was anyone out there who had to get their money from sponsors. if so the NYLSC website has great advice. i was also wandering if there was anyone out there who is from Indianapolis goin to the conference. thanx—SARAH S.

5:34 pm on 6/11/2007 60. Maxie

Try telling your parents that it really isn’t a scam, and actully a great experience that you learn alot from. Also if its a money thing try to get sponsors from organizations to help pay for you to go. For me I got $400 from kiwanis. Good Luck and if you go have fun!!!

6:53 pm on 6/16/2007 61. mom L.

Colleges are NOT impressed with these “conferences”. They have sprung up as a way to make people feel that they can have an edge on apps. Use the money to get a tutor and improve your grades, learn an instrument, or start a charity. These “conferences” aren’t necessarily scams but they are businesses for profit. Colleges look at GPA, then the courses you take in high school, SATs, ACT, and class ranking. THEN they look at extra-currics. These ‘conferences” smack of elitism and collegs HATE that sort of thing.

6:55 pm on 6/16/2007 62. mom L.

Colleges are NOT impressed with these “conferences”. They have sprung up as a way to make people feel that they can have an edge on apps. Use the money to get a tutor and improve your grades, learn an instrument, or start a charity. These “conferences” aren’t necessarily scams but they are businesses for profit. Colleges look at GPA, then the courses you take in high school, SATs, ACT, and class ranking. THEN they look at extra-currics. These ‘conferences” smack of elitism and colleges HATE that sort of thing.

5:01 pm on 6/21/2007 63. bloiqcayld

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! owkqkimkctep

3:40 pm on 6/24/2007 64. Anonymous


9:19 pm on 6/24/2007 65. Jordan

I am definetly going to the Jr. NYLC! But it is kind of different from yours…I think. Our trip is about $2,000. We fly…by ourselves…to Washington D.C. The only problem is that I have a huge fear of flying!!! I was wondering if you guys & gals had to fly? If so, was it scary? The other thing is that I have never been away from my parents for more than 2 nights. Did you miss your parents? And if so, how did you cope with that?

2:52 pm on 7/16/2007 66. Hanah & Sara

were going to the JrNYLC next week in d.c.
and i think its way more formal than the state thing
does anyone know anything about it?
we found your site when we googled the dress code???
the state thing sounds like more fun (we dont have dances os stuff just conferances)

9:25 am on 7/19/2007 67. Marianna

I am going to DC for this in 2 weeks. I am really excited! Reading this was a really good inside look at the conference!!!

4:42 pm on 7/30/2007 68. Td

hey i might be hittting up albany Ny are these things worth the cash……any 1 going??

4:43 pm on 7/30/2007 69. Td

any 1 wants my sn post for it

10:12 am on 8/12/2007 70. Victoria

It seems that I have been nominated for conferences too, but my family cannot afford the tuition. People have been telling me that this is a scam, and a lot of people lost money. I’m worried if the rumors are true.

8:15 pm on 8/12/2007 71. dionne

well i have a question…i really just made good grades im smart i guess…but are all the kids there nerds or just know it alls???????…im still thinking bout going though….oh ya can you bring people with u?

3:10 pm on 10/7/2007 72. dallas NYLSC alumni

OMGSH! it is soo not all nerds! I went to the conference in dallas and we partied to Soulja Boy all night :)! it is such a great experience and is sooooo worth going! I had sooo much fun and i learned a ton! the staff is great and the scholars are even cooler. I met so many new people and made a ton of new friends. go for it

4:21 am on 10/29/2007 73. ???

nylsc rul3s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 the girlz are aw3s0m3

4:24 am on 10/29/2007 74. ???

the rumors are not true! i went there in 8th grade and i made tonz of friends! most of them were girls, but whos to complain?

4:28 am on 10/29/2007 75. ???

if your going to nylsc in like 7th, or 8th grade, dont worry! the upperclasmen are mad nce to u, they show u wh3r3 to g0, and they help y0u t0 g3t to y0ur diff3r3nt r00ms for like meetings.

4:33 am on 10/29/2007 76. ch3n3y

c0ll3g3s are impr3ssed with c0nf3r3nc3s!1 ignore whoever said there not bcuz th3y so ar3! lmfa0

4:33 am on 10/29/2007 77. ch3n3y


4:40 am on 10/29/2007 78. joey

NYLSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went there like a milli0n tim3s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at the 3nd of the conference, theres 1 huge meeting in the cafeteria, and there is a slideshow of all the different people happening in different thingz. if u dont wanna lok like a foo, u better always be on your guard, because u c0uld g3t your pic tak3n at a m0m3nt y0u might not want, and once its there, people will p0st it to th3ir myspac3s and fac3b00ks( myspac3s are way b3tt3r.) and you will be humilated f0r lif3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 w3st sid3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:36 pm on 11/1/2007 79. maddie

lol i want 2 go 2 this thing!!!!

12:44 pm on 11/2/2007 80. me

does it really cost 1200 is anybody going to the next one

8:43 pm on 11/4/2007 81. agustin

hey i got this letter saying i had been chosen 2g2 nylsc did u get one 2

2:14 pm on 3/9/2008 82. Sydney

Thanks so much for this review lol. I am going to NYLSC March 20-23rd 2008 in about two weeks and it’s helped me a lot to read reviews like this. Except yours was better because it sounded like a real person, not some programmed speech. :P

12:59 pm on 5/10/2008 83. Camie

Did you know Ian from school or something? Is there more than one person going from each town? I was recommended from someone I know and that’s why I got the letter. I wanna atleast know one person when i go. So anyway.. :) do other people from your town go or is it just oen person from each town? I’d really like to know!!! Thank u!!

8:40 pm on 5/10/2008 84. KIA


1:52 pm on 5/12/2008 85. John

How do you sign up?

5:50 pm on 5/14/2008 86. Ashlynn S.

Hey Everyone!
Well.. I got the invitation in the Mail today..
Did you guys know anybody who is going.. or was this like a select few type of thing.
I am going to try to go to the one is Seattle Washington for the 2008-2009 season.. Anybosy going?

3:14 pm on 5/15/2008 87. Labiba

I got my letter in the mail a few days ago, and my parents think it’s a total scam. I got nominated, and it costs 1,567 dollars, a lotta money. I just really want to know if it’s worth it.

5:36 pm on 5/15/2008 88. Miranda

is anybody going to the one in Boston, MA in 2009???

6:04 pm on 5/15/2008 89. Alex

My principal said that its a jip (but honestly i think she just said that because her daughter didnt get invited) so do you guys think its completly worth it?

9:23 am on 5/30/2008 90. Baxter

I also will be going to NYLSC in 2009. I agreed that I would at least pay half of the amount. I have to raise $1000, well its actually $715 ,but I want to buy something nice for myself. It depends. I really do hope to have lots of fun, plus I have an advantage of going to NYLSC in 2009 cause I live in Kansas and its going to happen in Kansas!

7:01 pm on 6/2/2008 91. Crystal

Wow! Thanks Andrew! I am just worried that it won’t be that much fun for me. I’m really shy. Did you have to get up in front of everybody and speak?

1:44 pm on 6/6/2008 92. Alicia

so im might b going in Dec. (i got my letter 2day but i wanted 2 know if the rooms are really cramped. How many ppl are there in 1 room and are the rooms like the size of a regular hotel room?

3:37 pm on 6/6/2008 93. Abraham

I was invited to NYLSC last year in 7th grade, but

3:39 pm on 6/6/2008 94. Abraham

I didn’t get a chance to go since we didn’t have the money. Today in the mail, I got the same letter AGAIN, this time to go to the 2009 conferences here in NJ. My parents say it’s a good opportunity, and hopefully I can go. But I’ve always been really shy around new people, since I stutter sometimes when I talk, and feel as if I won’t fit in. Any advice for getting rid of these feelings? Thanks!

10:55 am on 6/12/2008 95. nick

to answer some questions: 1) you have to be nominated to go 2) it is worth every penny 3) the rooms are great 4) universities love these this 5) great for people in grades 7 to 11

10:57 am on 6/12/2008 96. nick

i went in november 06 in saracuse ny trust me go!

2:56 pm on 6/25/2008 97. Stephanie

O 2 da M 2 da G I am like so very nervous for my sister CiCi (cynthia) who is going to Nylsc at downtown dallas tommoro cuz she doesnt lyke know anyboty there and some people say that is sucks and it is a waist of money so all that i need to know is if it is a good cost and experience to go to before tommorow anyboty so far i think it is ite! @(0.0)@

1:34 pm on 6/28/2008 98. jaclyn


6:11 am on 6/29/2008 99. michelene

i REALLY need help. one of my uncle’s researched NYLSC and says he thinks it’s a scam. i really need to know if anybody here has gone and thinks it’s worth it. also is any1 else going to the conference in tulsa this september?

12:57 pm on 7/2/2008 100. chevy

Im going this year in harrisburg.I have a question what do you exactly do for 4 days

1:14 pm on 9/2/2008 101. Caroline

Wow you really summed it up perfectly! I went to NYLSC in South Carolina which was amazing! I am actually going back this March which is exciting. It was one of the best experiences of my life and everyone should get to try it! :D

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1:28 pm on 10/20/2008 108. Samantha

I might go in either February or in March, but I’m not sure. The money is a little too expensive and I’m not sure if it is worth missing those school days… :)

Thanks for the story though-

10:04 am on 10/21/2008 109. cagPooffvom

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9:41 am on 11/2/2008 110. James

I’m going this month to the one in Dallas. I really wanted to get a break from school. Is it as good as people say it is?

2:03 pm on 11/14/2008 111. Karina

I went to NYLSC in Irvine, California. I made a lot of new friends I will keep for life. It’s really great and I recomend it to anyone and eveyone

3:24 pm on 11/14/2008 112. Mikenna

HEY Karina!!!!!! i can’t believe you posted a comment here!!!!!!
AHHHHHHH i’ll txt you or something later.

i absolutely think that anyone who gets the oppertunity to go should. its totally worth it. i learned soooo much and had a ton of fun. i didnt know anyone there but made a bunch of friends(like karina) and turned 15 on the last day of the conference. if youre worried about the price don’t freak out about it. me and my parents made an agreement that i had to pay $500 and they would pay the rest. i didn’t put much effort into it (just babysitting every couple of weeks and washing my family members cars) but i made sure not to spend it. and batta bing you’re done.

i’m starting to save now so that i can go to another conference in D.C.