Miracle Cures are lame

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Population is going to become a larger and larger issue in the future. More and more people are being born and those people are only going to make more babies. One of the problems is what I like to call “The Reverse Darwin Effect.” This effect is what results from more advanced medicine. As out knowledge of human ailments becomes more and more advanced we can save more and more people from death. It is truly amazing.

Unfortunately, many people who are “saved” have problems that doctors really shouldn’t have anything to do with, or medication. The largest of these is Obesity. People who become grossly obese have become eligible for medical treatment. Medicine and all of its branches, I think, should be reserved for ailments that people have no control of. A broken arm, a viral disease, sickle cell, cancer and AIDS are all eligible in my view. Having a habit of eating too much McDonald’s is not. Drug abusers don’t get medical treatment, they go to rehab. Obese people get diet pills and diets. Many of them are so far addicted to high cholesterol foods they don’t even want to do healthy diets and don’t participate. The Atkins Diet is one but it can be effective if applied properly, but who’s supervising?

Some people go so far as to have surgery done to solve their psychological habits. Liposuction is one. Having all your fat sucked out doesn’t improve your health, it lessens your fat. Another much more dangerous and problematic surgery is to have your stomach stapled. In this process ones stomach is literally stapled to itself to decrease its size and therefore storage capacity. The problem with this is the huge loss of absorption area. All that space that used to break down food is no longer available. People who have this surgery done can only eat certain foods and can have very adverse reactions if they eat the wrong ones. But once again it is not a real fix. Even though one is strictly prohibited from many unhealthy foods, people have still been able to find all the high calorie good tasting food and gain back all their pounds. Now they are over weight and have a minute stomach, awesome.

By allowing these people to persist in eating so unhealthily we are doing them a grave disservice. If they can not muster the self control to stop themselves from eating a Big Mac, is it really moral to pamper them by supplying surgery that doesn’t actually work to fix them? It is persisting the week link, the “Reverse Darwin Effect” the week are no longer subjected to the elements, people can go from place to place in cars and elevators (or on those ridiculous little scooters i see people riding in). They don’t have to try, all the answers are given to them, its a business. But by supply such simple answers it destroys any control of population. In the wild “natural” state we humans lived in for so many years all these unhealthy people would die. Stopping those week genes from being continued in the world. Only the strong survived, those that were adapted to the climate. There is no climate anymore. Cold no longer exists with central heating, heat no longer exists with air conditioning; people can live any where.

What happens to all of these “naturally” unfit people, who don’t live up to the ape man standards, if there is a terrible world wide disaster. If there is some kind of disaster that destroys civilization and we have to live off of the carcases of endangered species, will we still feel the urge to help those who do not help themselves? A pandemic is the most eminent of world wide disasters. If the avian flu really blows up, who will be the first to die from it?

The only way to stop obesity is to fight it from its roots. One’s eating. If you eat unhealthy food you get fat. If you don’t exercise you get a little chub but it isn’t that bad. If you mix the two, you have a problem. Get on a good diet and exercise, don’t ask for some kind of miracle cure its in humane.


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7:44 pm on 11/29/2005 1. abbafan

Nonsense. It is easy to cure obesity with a miracle diet! http://craptaculus.com/health/gravy/

8:03 pm on 11/29/2005 2. Sam

Haha, that’s great.

I lost a grand total of 2,358 pounds on the Gravy Diet. If I can do it, anybody can.
-Li Mei Choi, Fuzhou, China

12:33 pm on 8/11/2006 3. Mark

’2,358′? how much did you weight to start with? there are many many ways to loose weight, have a look on: Go-advise.com, they have lots of recommendations on diets, weightloss etc.. you might find it useful.

2:53 pm on 2/1/2007 4. Pharmaceutical

Who really now is engaged in the control of health? To mine it neglected the large pharmaceutical companies and the medical centers. There should be a centralized management WBR LeoP