I Wish…

By | May 21st, 2006 | 18 Comments | General

I wish that I was more witty

That I had more to say to the world

That I felt was worth saying to the world

I wish I had a cause to follow

Something to dig my heels into

where I could say


This is my opinion,

And nobody is taking it away from me.

I wish that I knew my direction

Whether I’ve actually found my calling

Or has it all been push-shove-bang

A simple north or south would be nice

I wish that I was a bird, that I could fly

Just because it would be totally awesome

I wish for all the typical good-will causes

the wish for peace

the wish for stopping world hunger

the wish for the cure to cancer

and I wish I wasn’t compelled to wish for them

I wish it didn’t seem like a duty

I wish I was exciting
Spontaneity, adventure

Stepping out to the edge of the plank

And staring the crocodiles straight in the eye

I wish I was proud of my work

that I could write past the classroom

that I could entertain and inspire

that I would have no hesitancy

Tagging my name on this…whatever it is

I wish that I was a dancer, a musician, a painter

Because every time I see art

I feel that my heart is on stage

I wish I knew what I am trying to say with this

Just ’cause it would be nice.

So I could explain myself

When the questions come flooding

I wish I had a purpose

Something worth doing

worth worrying about

Something beyond just getting me into college

And I wish that I wasn’t still wishing

Because what good is wishing

when there are things to be done


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5:59 pm on 5/22/2006 1. pravin

I came here for the shoutbox. Wandered a bit. Really liked this post :)

8:12 pm on 5/22/2006 2. Andrew

Pravin, that’s the usual story. People come here for the code and end up reading the rest. A nice little setup for me :)

I loved this post. It didn’t come off rambly at all. I liked the last one, and the fifth from the bottom, and the third from the top…eh all of them. Good show. I’ve felt a lot of this stuff before. Even as I make a whole bunch of money, I wonder how important it is and if I shouldn’t be doing something wholesome. But as the last one says, nothing much usually happens from all that wondering.

6:34 am on 5/23/2006 3. Nella

It is rare to come across art form expressing the turmoils of our generation. Not
even in today’s music have I seen prose to accurately represent the somewhat dutiful
feelings that so many of our more ambitious youth, such as ourselves, dwell upon.
Jackie, your poem is the first of an art form that I desperately hope to see more

I think I’d like to share a poem I wrote for English that expresses some of the
same feelings:

When I was younger
I wished I could be older
With the ability to command respect

Now that I am a young adult
I am again looking ahead
to college, career, making a difference

Once I am a working man
My time will be spent thinking
About a peaceful retirement

And when I reach the last leg of this life
That I have spent in the future
I will be ready to die.

7:32 pm on 5/23/2006 4. Amy

I wish I was as gifted as Jackie…

3:47 pm on 5/24/2006 5. Slashjunior

Wow, that’s pretty much how I feel almost all of the time…

4:11 pm on 5/25/2006 6. disdat

Ah poetry, it’s like vomit on the eyes. First point of order, what makes a poem a poem? Are there any rules that define a poem or could I write an entire essay about Algeria and claim it to be a poem. Oh, and Nella your generation complains too much, go back and cut yourself in the corner.

10:21 am on 5/26/2006 7. shodan

do whatever you can to express yourself regardless of the response. when you do, become aware of what you are really saying.

comfort erodes purpose.

8:36 pm on 5/26/2006 8. Oskar Syahbana

Nice one Jackie, especially the last one :)

7:48 pm on 6/1/2006 9. Marc C.

I wish I had a million dollars… ;-)

5:17 pm on 9/16/2006 10. sdf


8:26 pm on 9/20/2006 11. El Coolio

Psh, typical over-acheiver elitest activity, I bet Jack London would smack you over the head if he ever saw you!

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3:44 pm on 1/9/2007 13. Anonymous

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I wish i had….
i wish i had….

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