Houston We Have Entered The Blogosphere

By | January 2nd, 2005 | 13 Comments | General

Bzzt. Well with the latest enlightening and fury-sparking posts, I think its safe to say that we have officially entered the blogosphere. There will of course always be minor adjustments and tweaks to make the site better (suggestions, anyone?). But I think we have gotten some momentum, and with 9 authors to the site, it should be quite colorful. I’d like to remind all of them to check the Posting guidelines that you can check when you write a new article. Also, there is a link for the different kinds of :roll: smilies you can post near the comment link. Now, with one day left before the end of winter vacation, I guess I’d better go start my homework :lol: .


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1:29 pm on 1/2/2005 1. Nella

I have something of a sugesstion. You might already have this covered, but look at how many posts we’ve already had, and ur site has only existed for a few days now. I think you have to find some better way to catalogue individual posts than just scrolling through them all on the homepage. the comments could be in the same format, but eventually something’s gotta be done about homepage. I don’t want to spend an hour looking for the post I left a week ago.

If you already have it covered, which I imagine you probably do, then don’t worry about it.

1:32 pm on 1/2/2005 2. Nella

Wait I just saw the little archive thing so scratch that last comment =)

1:56 pm on 1/2/2005 3. Andrew

true, i feel the same way. A lot of blogs post the first, say, 200 characters of each post on the homepage, and then have a link to read the entire post. Should we switch to that?

3:42 pm on 1/2/2005 4. SuperDave

That would make it look organized beacuse then really long posts would take up the same amout of space as a medium sized post, and you wouldn’t have to scroll down as much. Although being the lazy ass that I am, I might not have the stamina to make that extra click. But on the other hand, its not like I’m gonna read much past 200 words, unless its really gory, that’s the exeption

3:53 pm on 1/2/2005 5. Andrew

note I said 200 characters, not words…characters are each little letter…or space :razz:

4:08 pm on 1/2/2005 6. Anonymous

nice. do you gotta pay for this hosting?

anyways, i gotta finish this naughty french. aim me x]

4:09 pm on 1/2/2005 7. klam

last msg ” “

6:17 pm on 1/2/2005 8. Jackie

Another thing, all the text gets squished into a little column and you have to scroll down and down…. Is there any way to widen it out a bit?

6:41 pm on 1/2/2005 9. Andrew

yes, tommorow I’ll delete that dumb thing on the left side with the home button and transfer its contents to the other navigation bar. That’ll help widen it

6:54 pm on 1/2/2005 10. Andrew

Top on my list of things to do:

Make an idiot’s guide to using this blog. A lot of people keep asking me the same questions on how to use it…

Make the header stand out much more..

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