CNN calls Bush an asshole

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CNN calls Bush an asshole. Heh, those geniuses…


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11:09 am on 11/8/2005 1. Anonymous

president bush does not care about black people that son of a bitch

6:42 pm on 4/2/2006 2. Anonymous

he is an asshole the states gosfrom the most respected country in the world to the most hated yes most hated in only 3 years

6:19 pm on 4/3/2006 3. WBHoenig

Here, here!

Bush sucks!

4:29 pm on 5/27/2006 4. George Centeno

Bush is so dumb that the Nazis are using him like a wet towel.

5:22 pm on 5/29/2006 5. Anonymous

wow hippies…..

11:14 am on 6/10/2006 6. ben gay

suck it bush hes afuck dubm ass that is useing all of our oil

11:15 pm on 7/8/2006 7. US Sold Out

Nothing on God’s good earth could be worse than a bush and pecker in the white house

7:36 pm on 11/19/2006 8. robert inman

bush and cheny are the worst pair of neocon assholes this country has ever seen. they have done more to take ever freedom away from us stating the war on terror when infact they are our country’s biggest terrorists. vote out republicans in 2008

2:52 am on 1/11/2007 9. fafi

Bush,the famous terrorist,should be hanged and slaughtered like a goat.

4:20 pm on 2/11/2007 10. NewWorld

Exactly what has Bush done that is so bad? The anti-Bush comments are mostly only personal attacks and show a high degree of illiteracy. Nowhere is there any reasoned criticism of anything he has done or tried to do.

Bush has the most diverse cabinet in the history of the US. He has consistently reached out to try and form a consensus with the Democrats. Bush has done more than reach out in compromise, he has signed more liberal legislation than Clinton ever did. Bush is not a terrorist, that is only hate-filled name calling. Clinton himself has twice defended Bush against the accusation that Bush lied us into war. America is not the most hated country in the world, wherever you go abroad there are people happy to meet Americans, people who want to become Americans. These are real facts, not just name calling.

However, Bush is not a very good president. He lacks the ability to lead. He has trouble making choices, apparently trying to form a consensus that his political opponents will not ever join. He consistently tries to take the so-called high road by not responding to false accusations. Probably in the mistaken belief that if he does not stoop to the Bush-haters’ level the public will notice and turn away from the shrill extremists. But in not defending himself or his administration vigorously, he has allowed the most outrageous lies to stand without refutation. He therefore loses support from the uneducated and unthoughtful who cannot or will not think issues through. So many people just mindlessly repeat whatever catchy phrase or slogan that has been oft-repeated without any basis in fact.

Mostly because it would not serve the Democrats to have Bush achieve anything good, they want to focus hate, hate, and ever more hate on him. The Democrats want to win the next election no matter what, no matter the cost. The Democrats in congress voted to fund and have voted to continue the war. Congressional Democrats had access to the same intelligence reports that the President did. But no cost to America is too high a price to pay for political victory to them and they will continue to slyly pretend that he knew some secret data they did not.

While Bush is no prize as a leader, the Democrats are questionable advocates of good government at best.

9:03 pm on 2/13/2007 11. Canes #1

Now would someone please explain to me why Bush is a bad President. You liberal power hungry democrats don’t get it!!! Doesn’t like black people????? Bush has had more black people in his administration then any other President….Yeah, i guess he really hates them. :) Bush lacks the ability to lead???? More than 60% of the country disagrees with him, but he doesn’t care!! He continues what he wants to do!!

Thank God we had him in office rather than Kerry or Gore. They would have raised a white flag just like Clinton did and get nothing done. They would have cowered in their fear and be little peaceful people. Heck Clinton did it for 8 years and look what happened….9/11. You continue to say impeach him! For what???? Lieing about WMD?? Oh wait..That’s is right Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and Hillary Clinton also said there were WMD! Guess we should get rid of all of them. Stop being hypocrits and get over the fact that you don’t control this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:01 pm on 2/13/2007 12. love me or hate me i could care less

well u republicans can suck it…im young and will deff never be a *republincan’t*

11:49 am on 2/15/2007 13. NewWorld

When Clinton’s (in a fit of childish rage at a Republican victory) staff trashed the White House and Air Force One, Bush told the press they had not. Well, they had. The OMB reported that it took $15,000 to repair the damage. Bush lied about that. He caused his supporters and neutral honest citizens to lose credibility and for some, respect for him.That is not being a good leader.

Bush tried to honor The Dumb Kennedy. He invited him to the White House and treated him with difference and exagerated respect. Kennedy is a man who by all reasonable accounts hid, drunk, on the shore while a woman, not his wife, drowned in his car. Kennedy is reported to be a substance abuser, and a notorious womanizer who tried to pick up one of my (high school) students at a educational event he was at. Kennedy is a demogogue who is not really interested in his constituency, but only inaterested in getting high, laid, and powerful. Why would you honor him if you were a good leader?

A Republican was hounded out of office for passing notes to a teenage boy suggesting a liaison. Certainly immoral to some, but not illegal under Washinton DC law. Democrats in Congress have gone further than what is legal (running a gay prostitution ring and sex with a minor, which was illegal) without any repercussions. Bush just passively accepts all of it. While I could not support what that man did, it is not right to have different standards for different people. Bush condoned a witch hunt, failing to speak up. Not a leadership trait.

The attack on Iraq was obviously mishandled from the very beginning. The victory won over Saddam was hollow because we had lost politically and militarily before the first boot hit the ground in Iraq. As commander-in-chief Bush lost the war by treating it as a political event and not a military event. Bush is a terriable commander-in-chief. He has never made a hard decision when it needed to be done, allowing everything to fester while he waits (trying to get Kennedy to endorse his decision, maybe). Meanwhile, criticism piles up. When he acts, the situation has changed, his response is a day late and a dollar short. He makes his critics look good, even when they are wrong, even when what he is doing is right, but just not enough. This ties his hands as his opponents use this to make everything seem far worse that it is.

That is a bad leader.

You may say that he is a far better president than Gore or Kerry could ever be. You’d be right. I would hate to have to live through the proof of that, though.

Bush may be a better president than Clinton, He is vastly superior to Carter, who is probably our worst president ever.

That still does not make him a good leader.

10:21 am on 2/23/2007 14. Canes #1

Bush is the one of the strongest leaders as a president. He doesn’t change his mind to whatever most people think like the clintons, john kerry, and pretty much every democrat do. He stands strong and doesn’t care what other people think. he does what he thinks is right.

5:59 am on 2/24/2007 15. NewWorld

Canes #1, in one sense you are prefectly correct. Clintion followed whatever the polls showed to be popular. When congress was taken over by the Republicans with their ‘Contract With America” he caved in and kowtowed to the Republican’s. Many benefits accrued to Americans because of such things as welfare reform, which the Republicans then did. But if you notice, most Democrats and the media give all the credit to Clinton, not the Republican congress. (To say a politician is a lying, hypcritical scoundrel is redundent.)

Clinton never, really, had a mind to change. He was, is, a very bright man who only wants to be liked and has no substance. He is a sad excuse for a man. A sadder excuse for a President. He is so very charming because that is all that he puts his considerable capabilities into being.

To use an analogy, Bush is like a elephant. He strides forward towards his goal, never turning aside. Along the way, opportunistic hyenas rip at him. A bite from a hyena is a small thing to an elephant. He will not lower himself to defend against such petty things. But the damage adds up. The elephant will not live to reach its goal becuase the accumulation of damage will overcome the giant.

Bush will not reach his goals because he will not fight for them. Bush has never wielded the power of the presidency to combat the hyenas. They are shredding him and he will not make his goals even if he does not turn away. It takes more than blindly marching forward to be a leader.

7:25 pm on 3/22/2007 16. Roger

Bush is a dipshit bastard. The worst president this country has ever had, and I hope he is impeached and sent to prison where he will get what he has given our country….

7:28 pm on 3/23/2007 17. I'm better than you



7:26 am on 3/29/2007 18. NewWorld

Very cogent arguments you two have.

Roger, very clever to start out with meaningless name calling. Bush may be the worst president we have ever had. However the tone of this missive is generally ignorant, and the last statement shows you have no idea what you are talking about. Bush has not broken any laws and it is not possible to send him to prison for being unpopular. Read the US Constituton.

I’m better than you, what an interesting choice of names. Well, no, you are not. I am proud to be an American and we recognize that everyone is created equal. None of the fancy posturing of kings and dictators, demagogues and elitists is anything but flashy showmanship intended to overawe the ignorant, seize from them their natural rights and enslave them either in body, mind, or both.

Bush is not appreciably less intelligent than most politicians, He did get better grades in college than the demagogue Al Gore, but that is not saying much. Bush is pretty average for a politician. He is the worst public speaker I can imagine, but that is only a sign of intelligence to the ignorant masses who think that carefully crafted but meaningless slogans are some form of wisdom.

Bush has no Hitler-like traits, the mindless repitition of empty slogans doesn’t prove anything except to the ignorant.

The only dictator here would be…? To state that you are better than others, to declare that others are seizing power were the first steps that Hitler took on the route to his seizing power.

I suggest you think about what you are saying. There are things worse for the country than Bush’s presidency.

12:55 am on 4/10/2007 19. Put-food-on-your-nucular-fambly-man

‘New World’ has the words “diverse” and “perverse” confused with each other.

The only thing for this country that could come from GW worse than his first term of office and the current one, would be a third term and it isn’t going to happen.

Bush will continue to be unapologetic and threatening to his opponents in the majority of both houses, and he will continue to generate bad news on a daily basis, because that is the limit of his talent.

He is not Alexander the Great. Bush! What an asshole!
GW Bush is as clueless about his failures as the neo-cons in this chat.

HAHA is not an argument, speaking of illiteracy and lack of finesse. I don’t even think it’s a real laugh. It’s phony like everything neo-con including Ann Coulter’s mind. She actually doesn’t have one of her own. Neither does GW.

We recognize the style, or the lack of it as it were that indicates blind obedience to a reactionary creed. There is no thought process much less a minute of meditativeness.

If you speak GW Bush’s praises, you must be getting a payoff from his stinky policies. Show us your Blackwater card, why not? We know you’re on a mission: failure at any price. No price is too high.

That’s why we photographers label GW Bush photos with titles like “asshole.jpg”

He is both an asshole and he is the “asshole enabler.”

When he was in school he was the “D” slider. Now he’s the De Sade-er. He tortures people. No, you may not habeus the corpus, its what’s for dinner at the White House. Cannibalism is natural to the repuglican party.

That’s why Nixon was so concerned about saving face. You can’t habeas that corpus either. Dick Cheney Hunts for faces and eats them. Nixon didn’t have good taste. Ask Cheney, he thawed him out and says he tasted good. Charlie Tuna, eat your heart out. Dick ate him on the way home from the Smithsonian. No A1 sauce for that, just formaldehyde.

GW Bush must have gotten to the heart of that matter.

A relevant poem follows:
Stephen Crane’s “In the Desert”

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, “Is it good, friend?”
“It is bitter – bitter”, he answered,
“But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart.”

Mission accomplished. Pass GW some of that steak sauce.

As my father once said to me, “Each of us has or is a bit of an asshole.”

The majority today in America like the thought of the Bush retirement plan and would gladly trade places with that asshole.

He’s not a politician, he’s a businessman. Wouldn’t we all like to steal the whole pie and hide it for ourselves? It’s republican (I mean, human) nature, isn’t it?

We all would love that lifestyle wouldn’t we?

But who wants to sign Mephistopheles’ document in blood? Only an asshole like GW Bush who takes off in Cessnas at 55 knots, and can’t land straight on a runway and claims he’s a jet pilot.

Happy landings to you Emilio Airhead.

GW will get there yet, like a bat into Hell. Be sure to take all your cabinet with you George. You can take it with you.

6:23 pm on 4/23/2007 20. Canes #1

To “I am better than you”

Your are so mad and full of hatred that you don’t even know who got you in this war. Dick Cheney the “fucker” that got us into this war….guess what….He wasn’t alone!!! That is right your “gods” of the Democratic party voted for the war too- including Hilary Clinton and Harry Reid just to name a few. Well if Cheney was a “fucker” who got in this war, what does that make Clinton and Reid who also got us into this war?????? Stop being a hypocrite and think before you speak!!! REPUBLICANS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:29 pm on 4/23/2007 21. Canes #1

When he was in school he was the “D” slider. What soes this mean Put-food-on-your-nucular-fambly-man????????? If you are talking about his grades, not to break your bubble, but he graduated really high in his class. Even higher than John Kerry!!!!
I don’t know if any Democrats have checked the poles lately, but Rudy Giuliani is kicking yo ASS!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

6:35 pm on 4/23/2007 22. Canes #1

Democrats philosophy on life:
Make everyone pay high taxes so they can get richer
Surrender to the enemy
Cut and Run and have world peace (Did it work for Clinton……NO!!!!!!)
Kill little babies
Let homosexuals get married
Take away cars and everyone ride bikes
Use one square of toilet paper everytime you wipe your butt
Undermine the troops and say war is lost when they voted to send them there in the first place
be hypocrites and tell everyone else to change their life and not change theirs to the way they are telling us to do

12:47 am on 4/24/2007 23. NewWorld

Canes #1, much of what you say is true. The Democrats’ leaders are hypocrites who want everyone but themselves to give up everything associated with success. Of course, Clinton, Pelosi, Reed, Gore, Boxer and all the other high and mighty (in their own opinion) will have private jets, SUVs, luxurious accommodations, and all the trappings of wealth. They will need these luxuries (the common man can’t have) because they need them…and the commoners don’t. Oh, the burdens of leadership. (You there, in the back! Shut up! Guards! Throw him in jail. How dare he think for himself!)

I’m not sure any Republican is kicking any Democrat’s ass. The lying, hypocritical attack on the current Republican administration by self-serving Democrats is working. Millions of ignorant, immature people are frothing at the mouth mad at the Republicans

The Republicans are acting very defensive. The lying, two-faced Democrats create false crises, and the Republicans are so dumb that they defend themselves against lies–without pointing out the lies are lies. As long as they tacitly support the Democrats’ lies, they cannot win. For two years and more the Democrats have demanded that more troops are needed in Iraq. When Bush sends more troops they go into a paroxysm of hate demanding no more troops be sent. Has Bush had the brains, courage, or honesty to point out the Democrats’ hypocrisy? No, he has not. Nor has any member of his administration made a major point of the Democrats’ lies on this subject.

No, the Rebuplicans will not kick Democrat ass in the next election. Hordes of ignorant, unthinking voters will stagger to the polls like zombies in some cheap horror movie, mindlessly repeating slogans they do not understand and cannot relate to facts, and vote for a Democrat, any Democrat.

The English voted against Churchill and supported Chamberlain until after Hitler proved Churchill correct and Chamberlain a fool by invading Poland. That situation was not exactly analogous to our present situation in Iraq. But it is close.

5:40 pm on 4/24/2007 24. Canes #1

Well New World, you are right. It is a shame that Bush does not have the communication skills that Reagan had. Anything Reagan wanted, he would speak and explain his ideas and everyone would buy into it. Bush has horrible communication skills and can never get his point across. I hope Giuliani can keep up the good work because of right now, he would be our President

1:46 pm on 3/1/2008 25. Anonymous

Bush is an idiot. Most of the Bush apologists are just morons who trade favors and are glad that someoene gave them a do nothing job. Republicans are generally narrowminded people who do not care about the circumstances of others as long as they got something. Once they become a victim the light bulb goes on in their head and they start thinking for the first time.

(oh, Guliani could not escape the Bush stench- he got a lousy 5% of the nomination so far and dropped out. McCain will lose badly if he cannot distance himself from the Bush stench.)

1:20 pm on 3/14/2008 26. J


Weapons of mass destruction are in Iraq and we need to invade. True or false

The troop surge is working and there is peace and prosparity in iraq. True or false

There is absolutly no risque of a recession. true or false.

There was a budget surplus when dickhead came to power.Now – huge deficit.

Everybody hates the US which is a great country.

States, towns and counties can’t afford basic services because of Bushes spending spree on bombs and death in war.

Education – according to bush it seems like a waste.

Bush is making billions on the oil surge in price.

Cheney is making a killing in body bags.

How is this all benefiting America?

2:53 am on 3/16/2008 27. John

Bush is the worst president of all time. He has divided this country, got us in a War that the United Nations investigated two months prior and told Bush not to go. What about our unprotected borders? Who is Bush going blame for this recession? How far are we in debt? Are you better off now then when Clinton was president? What is the price of gasoline? Ask evicted Senator Ricky Sentorium from Pennsylvania how he was the Chairm of the Republican Party Commerence Commitee who gave blank checks to Haliburton, KBR, Blackwater and KaKa a database company that was put in charge of the Albogray prisioners. Chenny has put Ricky Santorium in a think tank. Did you know Bush sued California when they had “0″ emissions law, took all the EV1 GMC cars back and destroyed them. Did you know that when Enron was raping California with electric bills that bush already had his main man ahead of the Department of Energy and did nothing. Did you know Debolt created the software and hardware for the voting machines in 2004 which is against the law and the CEO of Debolt emailed bush and told him, don’t worry, all your votes in Ohio will be counted. Bush needed Ohio and Florida to win re-election. Geb was in Florida and they shut down voting booths in Ohio to discourage voters. Gasoline prices where $1.75 when bush got re-elected.

10:23 am on 5/6/2008 28. john wariner

Name calling of Mr. B is illiterate? There’s nothing else left to say, dude, because people that love ignorant George keep saying, “Wha’d he done wrong?” I could write a list that would take a thousand pages. Son, take it from an old republican, George is the only man in my lifetime that, if he walked in a room where I was standing, I’d lay him out flat. No questions asked, no explanations offered. The man is disgusting. Born again, indeed!

4:35 pm on 5/23/2008 29. Demosthenes

George W. Bush Jr. is evil and i can’t believe how dumb and or powerless the U.S. has become. I mean is it really that hard to see???, the U.S. is in the crap shoot right now. Well except for extremely wealthy people. God help us if another Republican takes the country by storm again, i honestly think the U.S. could probably rebound off the backboard of hell if a Democrat takes office.

10:56 am on 5/29/2008 30. dirk

bush is the stupidest peice of shit moron to ever breathe air! he stole the first election vie the republican supreme court.The second one he rigged the electronic vote to win .odd that the first time in history the exit poles were wrong-after the first elections problems ,why 4 yrs later they couldnt figure a way to have a paper trail of the vote?I dont think they wanted one-for obvious reasons .I hope you idiots who voted for him enjoy the total fuckup he has the country in .I also hope the next president taxes the rich rep. ass off you!

5:30 pm on 6/29/2008 31. alien

Cant you find smarter people to run this country ?

You get what you pay 4. Losers. Stop celebrating mediocracy !!

11:52 am on 7/1/2008 32. Steve

9/11 worked! It got Americans to elect a republican because many people felt the demacrats would not properly defend this country. The Bush cabinet has used its position to rob the American people blind! Hows our economy, what is the price of oil, who has gotten rich in the past eight years? I am always impressed by the depth of stupidity in this country. Now I hear people making up wild lies about Obama. He may be our last chance to start to reverse these destructive trends. But only if Americans can start to see clearly. Carl Rove is the enemy, he learned how to use selective lies in different areas of the country to sway voters. His evil genius has played the blue collar voters like a cheap instrument. WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS!!!